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Website Term of Use for Agencies


With ERS Portal developed by ERS, Agency is able to offer and sell travel services like flight, hotel, car, transfer and tours provided directly from the main distributors. Agency may sell travel services to its customers directly from the portal or combining them with agency's own services.


Regardless of whether they use ERS portal under their own or HotelAdvisor.net domain name, agencies agree to bound to the following terms and conditions. 


1. Content Ownership Rights


Trademarks, Intellectual Property, Copyrights contents published on web sites (e.g. trademarks, information, reports, pictures and graphics like software, products, logos etc.) are protected by national and international agreements. Due to this, copying from the website without permission is not allowed. When taking the content from the web site, warnings and statements (including those in parentheses) regarding registered trademarks, services, logos etc. belonging to the third parties cannot be removed. 


2. Additional Terms and Conditions Belonging to Main Distributors

Main Distributors may define additional terms and condition regarding reservation and purchasing process of their products and services on the web site. Agency is considered to accept these conditions in advance.


3. Form of Use and Duration 


By making the business registration on hoteladvisor.net web site, agency gains the right to free-of-charge use of the website. In this situation, agency may access to online travel services by making the business log in on www.hoteladvisor.net. 


By making the term contract, agencies that whish to use website with their own domain name are becoming the owners of a portal. Duration of the agreement may be monthly, annual, 5 years or 10 years. 


4. Test Usage

Agency may use unlimited time for testing the system from web address www.ornekportal.com, which has the equal function and content as the portal that will be provided for the agency. Before signing the agreement, agency is considered to have tested and approved the system.   

5. Payment and License Rights


Agency cannot become owner of license rights without realization of payment to ERS. In case payment is not completed, ERS keeps the right to stop the use of the system.


6. Installation


For agencies that wish to use ERS portal under its own domain name, design and installation is done by ERS Inc. Agency has the responsibility and obligation to provide all necessary information and documentation in order to complete design and installation process. 


7. Technical Support

ERS provides online technical support during usage of portal.  In case agency faced any deficiencies in the system, it is responsible for notifying it in written to the online support line.


8. Guarantee


ERS cannot be held responsible of the system misuse and technical problems outside of the services it provides (electricity, internet, etc.).

ERS cannot be held responsible regarding content accuracy and richness of the services and products provided by worldwide main distributors (Expedia, Airlines, Hotel Chains, Transfer and Retail Companies, etc.) 

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