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TripAdvisor Integration


Hoteladvisor.net is a premium partner of TripAdvisor.


TripAdvisor, with its 260 million monthly users makes it the world’s largest travel site. Increase your hotels reservation sales by directly linking your hotel to the site; also receive real customer reviews for your hotel.


Direct Bookings, Powerful and New Ways of Maximizing Profit


Tripconnect, on your TripAdvisor profile shows the area where your business is located in the search results, Prices and availability support is provided. Tripconnect, your link will appear next to the Online Travel agencies and travelers online booking directly on your page, providing you with an incredible opportunity to increase revenue returns.

Moreover, by maximizing direct reservations from TripConnect the acquisition costs will be lowered. Furthermore, with easy Cost-Per-Click (CPC) solution, TripConnect allows you to manage your budget in terms of defining daily and campaign spending limits while paying only for the organic clicks of the travelers who reached you property on TripAdvisor. In order to participate in the program, your property should be suitable to the following criteria:
  • - Have an active subscription to Business Listings,

- Use HotelAdvisor.net as an online reservation engine,

- Be registered and approved business owner at TripAdvisor. 


After becoming a member of TripConnect, how can I make a test reservation to see if the system is working properly? 


Follow these steps:

  • - Find your property profile on TripAdvisor as a regular user. 
  • - Then find date range when your hotel is available.
  • - At the Price Comparison screen click on your TripConnect connection 
  • - When you are redirected to your web site, complete the reservation process. 
  • - Do not clean your cookies and do not close your browser so that you do not clean cookies by accident.
  • - After you make reservation you can cancel it.
  • - After waiting for 24 hours, check if your total revenue have increased in the report provided by TripConnect. If the results of the above     made reservation are not shown in the total revenue, please contact directly your Internet reservation engine provider. 


For more information, please click the following link : http://www.tripadvisor.com/TripConnect 


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