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With Hoteladvisor.net, you can receive reservation from your hotel's Facebook page. In this way, you can use social media as a distribution channel. 


Illustrated Installation;


1 - First we need to log in as administrator to the page where the ''Book Now'' button will be placed.......




2 -  After clicking on ''CMS Log In'' at the Online Reservation Page provided for your hotel...




3 - It is enough to click on Facebook icon at the right down corner on the new-opened page. 



4 - From "Choose Facebook Pages" Part we will find and choose facebook page of our hotel and click on "Add Page Tab" button 



5 - After refreshing your Facebook page, your Online Reservation System will be placed on your page.



6 - After clicking on ''Book Now" button, you will have to enter just once the "Hotel Code" "User Name" and "Password" which is previously given to you.



7- Your Online Reservation System is ready for your Facebook followers and visitor of your Facebook page.




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