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Hotel registration process



After fulfilling the form from the Add my hotel part at the end of the page  you can start editing new web page opened for your hotel. After 5 minutes of updating you will be ready to start working with HotelAdvisor.net.



If you do not have web site:



If you do not have web site please forward your domain to xxxxx.hoteladvisor.net using the CNAME record in your DNS settings and notify us about it. In this way when you write your name in the field you web page on hoteladvisor.net will be opened. If you already have your web site it would be enough to define xxxxxx.hoteladvisor.net address to online reservation link.



You can Easily Update your Information



You can update your hotel photos by dragging and dropping or change texts, colours by simply clicking on them. If you have professional designer by using design codes (CSS) you can reach completely specialized design according to your preferences. Occupancy and price information you can manually enter or you can enable information flow directly from your hotel management program.


Page created on HotelAdvisor you can use as your own website or you can also insert into your current web sitee and use it as online booking page.

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