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Frequently Asked Questions




Can I define criteria/requirements for the hotel I am looking for?

Yes. By entering region, Check-in/Check-out, number of people and other information you can do by filtering. List provided, will include hotels according to the criteria you entered. In this list you can find information like star rating, appropriate room type, prices and other information.


How can I see only the available hotel?

After entering selecting criteria the coming list will include only available hotels.  


Can I make reservation via phone or e-mail?

Yes, during working hours you can get help from our live support, when you make a reservation with e-mail, Our customer service representative will contact you at least 1 day upon receiving your request. 


Can I book a room for daily-use?

No, reservation made through HotelAdvisor.net has to include at least one (1) night. 


Can I make a group reservation?

You can make reservation for maximum 5 rooms. For more than 5 rooms you should send your request to our Customer Services through e-mail.


Can we add an extra bed/baby cot?

In most cases extra bed can be added. However, according to the hotels sales policy this can change and even extra charge can be taken.


Can I make special request to the hotel?

If you have a special request for the hotel you should contact our call centre. Whether your special request will be accepted or not depends on the hotels own terms.


Do I have to present a document, upon check-in?

Located in the confirmation e-mail if there is any relevant voucher or promotion code you will need to present this upon check-in, Alongside this, you will need to present your passport or ID card. In some cases during your stay if you would like to use any of the extra services provided by the hotel, you may be charged on your credit card.


Payment and Privacy


During the reservation do I have to give my credit card information?

Yes, you credit card information is necessary as a guarantee for reservation or to charge it in case of cancellation. Your reservation will not be guarantee if there is not enough amount of money on your credit card for the reservation. your credit card information is not retained on HotelAdvisor.nets system.


Am I going to pay any extra price beside hotels published prices?

No, your credit card will not be charged for any extra price. Payments through HotelAdvisor.net are made directly to hotel. Hotel can charge your credit card for cancellation fee as a guarantee for the reservation.


Am I obliged to pay any deposit or prepayment?

No, you will make payment after you check-in to hotel. Hotel has the rights to control your credit cards validity and, in case it is not the appropriate one, it can cancel the reservation.


Can I make the reservation with a different card than the one I provided during reservation?

Majority of hotels are allowing this.


Can I choose the currency in which I am going to make the payment?

   Yes, through HotelAdvisor.net you can make the payment in the desired currency


Is there a possibility to make payment different than credit card?

No, after authorization of the credit card reservation can be completed.


How and where can I pay my reservation?

Reservation can be made only by using the credit card. Credit card like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and other are accepted.


Where do I make the payment?

During reservation process you will be offered with the possibility to make payment through virtual POS or at the hotel.


How secure is for me to provide my credit card information? Is your information security enough?

All information you enter to the system, secure transmission protocols (https) are transmitted to us by the world's most secure encryption technology (Secure Socket Layer, SSL). Our server is equipped with the latest technology and protected by the Microsoft Azure and Amazon servers where it takes place and works by the highest security standards.




How do I receive the booking confirmation?

When booking process is completed, a confirmation page will appear. On this page beside your reservation detail your booking number will appear. In a few minutes you will receive confirmation e-mail containing your reservation information.


I didn't receive the confirmation e-mail.  What do I have to do?

You may have written the wrong e-mail or your confirmation mail might have been sent to the spam of your mail inbox. If neither of these is the case than you can contact us.


How can I take voucher and travel documentation? 

When you complete your reservation you will receive the confirmation e-mail containing all the necessary details. Beside e-mail there is no additional vouchers provided for hotels.  


Changes and Cancellation


How can I change my hotel reservation?

  Changes of reservations are made according to the hotels own rules. This information can be reached from our reservation page under         link "Terms and Conditions". On our web site there are hotel contact information which you can use to get directly in contact and inform     about your own changes


  Can I cancel my hotel reservation?

Yes, in your profile page in ''My reservation'' part you can cancel the selected reservation. Cancellation of reservation is made according to the hotels rules; you can reach this information from the "Cancellation Policy" link on our reservation page.


Will I have to pay a cancellation fee?

HotelAdvisor.net does not take any cancellation fees. However, according to the rules of the hotels Cancellation Policy you may be charged certain fees.


After cancellation how long will it take for the refund to be processed?

According to the hotels published Cancellation policy, refund will be processed within certain period after cancellation date.



How can I find out whether my reservation is cancelled or not?

When you cancel the reservation you should receive a confirmation e-mail. If you do not receive this e-mail, we advise you to contact HotelAdvisor.net's Live Support.



What is a non-refundable payment?

Every hotel implements special discounts and prices in certain periods or situations. Generally in the scope of short-term discount campaigns payments made are non-refundable. Non-refundable payment requirements can be found in the room conditions or campaign announcement.




Are the taxes included in the price listed?

The prices shown are including taxes.  Nevertheless, in some cities, special city tax is added to the displayed price.


Will children be charge when beside Mother/Father?

Every hotel has a different policy regarding children, and different discount prices can be offered for them.


Are the prices shown per room or per person?

Generally the prices are shown "Per room" Although if there are any changes they should usually be specified on the website.



How can I book a transfer from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport?

By choosing the “Transfers” section on HotelAdvisor.net’s home page, you can specify your selected airport, return dates etc. However, you will be charged extra for this service.


Is breakfast included in the price?

According to the booking information and chosen room type, whether or not breakfast is included should be stated upon booking.


How can i find out which facilities the hotel has to offer? E.g: Wi-Fi,Car parking Sauna etc?

Whether or not the chosen hotel offers specific properties, should be stated on the reservation page, Or you can contact HotelAdvisor.net’s online support to find out. However, if you would like to choose a hotel accordingly to its features e.g; Wi-Fi, car park, sauna etc. . .  You can do this directly from HotelAdvisor.net’s by using the Filtering areas, where you can specify desired choices.


How can i find out if the hotel accepts pets or not?

To find out if the hotel is accepting pets or not. You can refer to the "Terms & Conditions" page, This information should be found under "pet policy".


What is the difference between a "Twin" room & "Double" room?

A twin room consists of 2 separate single beds, A double room has 1 French bed.





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