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HotelAdvisor.net Travel Portal can be used in three different ways: 


1. Through membership on HotelAdvisor.net page (Bronze Partner)

2. As an Agency (Silver Partner)

3. As a tour operator (Gold Partner) 


Pricing for three different ways of using HotelAdvisor.net Travel Portal are as follows: 


1. Free Membership Use (Bronze Partner): Username and password are received by becoming a member of HotelAdvisor.net. Bronze Partner members can sell online hotel, airline, rent-a-car, transfer and daily sightseeing services and receive credit card payments. Your domain will be a sub domain of HotelAdvisor.net. Bronze Partnership Membership is very convenient for those agencies that wish to do their travel organization online. Rich content and the best prices are just one click away.  


2. Agency Use (Silver Partner)


After creating a special web site for your company HotelAdvisor.net's content is transferred there. In this way, with your own brand you can sell online Expedia hotels, flights of Amadeus and local airlines, rent-a-car and daily tours as well as receive credit card payments. 



 With the web site and online booking applications for agencies, Silver Membership:


·         Offers the rights to use a rich content,

·         By combining flight and hotel information provides the possibility of dynamic packaging,

·         Supports more than 40 languages and 89 currencies,

·         Uses SSL technologies,

·         Optimizes agencies name, address, features and photos for the searching engines

·         Performs online credit card processing, 

·         It is hosted by the worlds safest servers (Microsoft Azure cloud server or Amazon web server) 



3.  Tour operator use (Gold Partner): In Gold Membership, in addition to the Silver membership conditions:


·       Agency will have its own infrastructure to enter contracts and prices specially created according to agencies own agreement.

·       It can create sub-agencies and receive reservations from them, too.

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