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Integrated Agency Program

Hoteladvisor.net can be integrated with the agency management program already in use by your agency. If, however you do not have a current agency management program or you are not completely satisfied with the one you are already using, you can start using HotelAdvisor.net’s cloud based agency management program immediately.


You can add your own products to the system, plus sell them directly from HotelAdvisr.net.


Debts & outstanding payment information between your hotel & customers, suppliers or other hotels can be kept on the system to be easily accessed.


As an agency you can manage your website through our program, display & sell different campaigns to your customers directly from HotelAdvisor.net.


All general office operations can be achieved through HotelAdvisor.net.


Work completely integrated, your agency management program, web site and accounting program can be used as an all-in-one solution.




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