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About us

About us 

ERS (Electronic Reservation System Corporation) is a technology and tourism company specializing in online reservation solutions. It was founded by technology experts and tourism professionals with more than twenty years of experience in the tourism sector.


Our company is made up of 3 branches in Turkey Istanbul, Ankara & Antalya, Also including a research and development unit located in the Teknokent section of Antalya Akdeniz University campus.


ERS has developed HotelaAdvisor.net booking engine for use by hotels, and HotelAdvisor.net Travel Portal for agencies.  

HotelAdvisor.net is a multi-functional booking engine that enables hotels to market and sell their rooms online. Besides being the first cloud application in the tourism sector HotelAdvisor.net is also co-branded with Microsoft, alongside working with Microsoft HotelAdvisor.net is also partnering with Expedia & TripAdvisor.


One of the most important features of HotelAdvisor.net is the ability to sell rooms online by directly connecting with Elektra Hotel Automation system used by more than 2400 hotels in Turkey. 


HotelAdvisor.net Travel Portal offers portal solutions to agencies to following the online reservation process. HotelAdvisor.net Travel Portal is connected online with more than 140,000 hotels, Connections with almost all Airlines around the world and rent-a-car companies are provided. Services on the portal are offered in 40 languages, 89 currencies and with the best prices allowing dynamic packaging.

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